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Texts about UNS

1. UNS is about study, education and career

In addition to German courses, which prepare you for your studies and the most important exams, UNS offers you free individual study counseling. We will try to answer your questions about studying, application, visa and language certificate in a personal conversation or by e-mail. Welcome to UNS!

2. The UNS intensive courses at a glance
  • Ideal preparation for studies or training
  • course levels and final exams (certificate) are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • special teaching materials and learning methods for study preparation
  • certificate after 6 weeks (150 teaching hours)
  • small learning groups (8-16 participants)
  • individual support by UNS teachers
  • course fee = 735 €
3. Adventure learning German - with UNS

Do you want to improve your German with UNS or start learning German from scratch? Then come to UNS! At the end of your UNS course you will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate shows the duration of your course, your level and the results of your final exam. If you need an official language certificate, you can register for one of the telc exams that we also offer at our institute.

4. UNS learning method

We do everything we can to ensure that you achieve your learning goals and can soon begin your studies in Germany. The right learning method plays a decisive role in the success of your language course. (more about learning method)Welcome to UNS!

5. UNS Office Team

Do you want to visit US? With pleasure!! Our office team prefers to speak German and English. Some of them can speak other languages as well (Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech). In the classroom, however, only German is spoken. And yes, even in the beginner courses.

6. German for nurses

At UNS, foreign nursing staff can attend specialized German language courses!

  • for companies/small groups on request at
  • in-service for nursing staff and trainees
  • situational conversation (nurse-patient/resident/relatives and nurse-nurse/physician)
  • written communication (admission, discharge, protocols, handovers, etc.)

Interested? Write us an e-mail: (subject: nursing course)