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UNS has been offering Telc B1 (German Certificate), B2 and C1 Hochschule on a regular basis for years. You can also take the Telc A1 (Start Deutsch) with us. You can also take advantage of our extensive range of exam preparation courses.

Dates are determined by appointment.
ExamsExam Dates Sa./So.Registration deadline / payment deadline
Telc B1 Exam 106.01.24 - 07.01.2422.12.23
Telc B1 Exam 224.02.24 - 25.02.2405.02.24
Telc B1 Exam 323.03.24 - 24.03.2404.03.24
Telc B1 Exam 420.04.24 - 21.04.2401.04.24
Telc B1 Exam 518.05.24 - 19.05.2429.04.24
Telc B1 Exam 622.06.24 - 23.06.2403.06.24
Telc B1 Exam 713.07.24 - 14.07.2424.06.24
Telc B1 Exam 810.08.24 - 11.08.2422.07.24
Telc B1 Exam 928.09.24 - 29.09.2409.09.24
Telc B1 Exam 1026.10.24 - 27.10.2407.10.24
Telc B1 Exam 1123.11.24 - 24.11.2404.11.24
Telc B1 Exam 1207.12.24 - 08.12.2418.11.24

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ExamsExam Dates Sa./So.Registration deadline / payment deadline
Telc B2 Exam 106.01.24 - 07.01.2422.12.23
Telc B2 Exam 224.02.24 - 25.02.2405.02.24
Telc B2 Exam 323.03.24 - 24.03.2404.03.24
Telc B1 Exam 420.04.24 - 21.04.2401.04.24
Telc B2 Exam 518.05.24 - 19.05.2429.04.24
Telc B2 Exam 622.06.24 - 23.06.2403.06.24
Telc B2 Exam 713.07.24 - 14.07.2424.06.24
Telc B2 Exam 810.08.24 - 11.08.2422.07.24
Telc B2 Exam 928.09.24 - 29.09.2409.09.24
Telc B2 Exam 1026.10.24 - 27.10.2407.10.24
Telc B2 Exam 1123.11.24 - 24.11.2404.11.24
Telc B2 Exam 1207.12.24 - 08.12.2418.11.24

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Exams Exam Dates Sa./So. Registration deadline / payment deadline
Telc C1 Exam 1 10.02.24 - 11.02.24 26.01.24
Telc C1 Exam 2 23.03.24 - 24.03.24 04.03.24
Telc C1 Exam 3 20.04.24 - 21.04.24 01.04.24
Telc C1 Exam 4 01.06.24 - 02.06.24 13.05.24
Telc C1 Exam 5 03.08.24 - 04.08.24 15.07.24
Telc C1 Exam 6 28.09.24 - 29.09.24 09.09.24
Telc C1 Exam 7 02.11.24 - 03.11.24 14.10.24
Telc C1 Exam 8 07.12.24 - 08.12.24 18.11.24

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Dates are determined by appointment.

Rules on TELC Examination Day

The rules of the TELC Examination Regulations apply: telc Prüfungsregularien

Some important points are summarized here:

  • You should bring your ID / passport to the written AND oral exam so that we can identify you. No one is allowed to take the exam without prior
  • No aids are Smartphones and dictionaries are not allowed in the exam room.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must remain switched off in the checkroom during the exam (even during the break!). You should expect to be unreachable and unable to make phone calls for the entire duration of the exam. The same applies to the waiting time before the oral exam, which you spend in the waiting
  • Bags and jackets also remain in the
  • You are not allowed to eat in the examination room. You are only allowed to take water in a transparent bottle (without label!) into the examination room. Any food you bring with you will remain in the hallway and can be eaten during the
  • During the written exam you are only allowed to write in pencil. (We will provide pencils, erasers, and ) Please do not bring pens or other pencils as they may not be used.
  • The oral exam will be conducted in groups of 2 or 3. A pair/group will first have 20 minutes to prepare, then the exam will begin, which will last 20-25 minutes. You should arrive on time. You are allowed to stay in the school only for the period of the exam: you are not allowed to arrive much earlier and after the exam you have to leave the school
  • You are not allowed to come to the exam with If you have company on the day of the exam, they should wait for you near the school (e.g. in a café / restaurant) or go for a walk.
Attention. Those who do not follow the rule may be expelled from the exam. How does the exam work?

We usually conduct the TELC exams on weekends. Either the two parts of the exam take place on one day or on two consecutive days. Please keep the whole weekend free if you are registered for the exam. We will send you the exact time by e-mail 2-3 days before the exam. The exams always take place at UNS, the address is: Hoheluftchaussee 108, 20253 Hamburg


Sickness on the exam day If you are sick on the exam day, you should get a sick note from your doctor and hand it in to UNS by 12:00 noon on the first working day after the exam or send it scanned to

Do you already have a good partial result and would like to have it credited?

If you have already passed a part of the exam, we can credit the good result. The results are valid until the end of the following year. (e.g. if the exam took place on 20.08.2022, the partial result is valid until the end of 2023.) Please send your result sheet by mail (scanned) to Exam results We will receive the results 4-6 weeks after the exam. As soon as the results are ready for collection, we will inform you by mail. Avoiding corrections The prerequisite for fast, error-free processing is that the answer sheets are filled out completely and legibly. Please make sure that you enter your data in block letters. The information should match the information in your ID card / passport.


  • Please write your name and place of birth clearly and legibly on the test
  • For place of birth, please write only the city or village AND the country, like this: e.g.: If you were born in Damascus (Syria), then write: DAMASCUS
  • Please write your date of birth on the exam sheet like this: YEAR / MONTH / DAY

If there is a mistake, it is possible to correct your certificate. For this you have to hand in the certificate to US. A correction can take 2-3 weeks.

Are you not satisfied with the exam result?

It is possible to request a re-evaluation at TELC. Please refer to the information in the examination regulations. You can find a request for re-evaluation on the TELC website: We will be happy to advise you on the different exams and also offer you a free placement test. To make an appointment for a consultation, please send us an email. If you have any questions, you can reach us at