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Formattraining Telc B1 / B2

95 €

UNS offers weekend format training for each Telc B1 and Telc B2 exam date. Course contents are:


  • Familiarization with the exam format targeted training of the exam parts
  • simulation based on authentic exam questions
Course extent:

1x Sat. + Sun. (10.00 – 15.15 h)

12 UE

1UE = 7,90€

Course fee 95€ (incl. material)

Telc B1-FT128.12.202312.01.2024
Telc B1-FT215.02.202423.02.2024
Telc B1-FT314.03.202422.03.2024
Telc B1-FT411.04.202419.04.2024
Telc B1-FT509.05.202417.05.2024
Telc B1-FT613.06.202421.06.2024
Telc B1-FT704.07.202412.07.2024
Telc B1-FT801.08.202409.08.2024
Telc B1-FT919.09.202427.09.2024
Telc B1-FT1017.10.202425.10.2024
Telc B1-FT1114.11.202422.11.2024
Telc B1-FT1228.11.202406.12.2024
Telc B2-FT128.12.202312.01.2024
Telc B2-FT215.02.202423.02.2024
Telc B2-FT314.03.202422.03.2024
Telc B2-FT411.04.202419.04.2024
Telc B2-FT509.05.202417.05.2024
Telc B2-FT613.06.202421.06.2024
Telc B2-FT704.07.202412.07.2024
Telc B2-FT801.08.202409.08.2024
Telc B2-FT919.09.202427.09.2024
Telc B2-FT1017.10.202425.10.2024
Telc B2-FT1114.11.202422.11.2024
Telc B2-FT1228.11.202406.12.2024

As an alternative to the format training, we offer an individual training package for the preparation of the Telc B1 and Telc B2 exams. It consists of 3 hours of individual lessons (á 45min) and extensive practice material. We recommend taking the first individual lesson at least 2 weeks before your exam.

- One-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher (face-to-face or online possible)

 - Getting to know the parts of the exam / format training;

 - Individual discussion of the exam parts written expression (text production) and oral expression

- Extensive materials for self-study


Course extent

3x private lessons

Course fee 125€ (incl. material)