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Evening Courses

390 €

The UNS evening courses are aimed at working learners as well as Au- pairs, participants of the Studienkolleg and others who want to improve their language skills in the evening with a view to vocational training, further education or studies.

The evening courses offer the course levels A1 to C1-Plus. Certificate after successful completion of two courses. (Course 1 + Course 2 = 144 lessons).


Your advantages:
  • ideal preparation for vocational training & career
  • is aimed at employed persons, au pairs and e.g. participants of the Studienkolleg (preparatory course)
  • Certificate after 2 courses of 72 teaching hours each (144 teaching hours)
  • OPTIONAL: Telc certificate for A1 to C1
Course extent:

3 times a week* from 18:00 to 20:30

72 hours in 8 weeks

5,50 € / hour

Course fee 390,00 € (excl. material)

Certificate after 2 courses of 72 lessons each (144 lessons)

* The course days will be communicated 1 week before the course starts

Abend 108.01.202401.03.2024
Abend 211.03.202403.05.2024
Abend 313.05.202405.07.2024
Abend 412.08.202404.10.2024
Abend 514.10.202406.12.2024
*The end of the course varies according to the course level.
Course Levels Evening Classes Scope
A1 A.1.1 72 UE
A1.2 72 UE
A2 A2.1 72 UE
A2.2 72 UE
B1 B1.1 72 UE
B1.2 72 UE
B2 B2.1 72 UE
B2.2 72 UE
C1 C1.1 72UE
C1.2 72 UE

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