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Why UNS?

If you want to prepare for your internship or job in a targeted manner and without wasting any time, we offer you an extensive course program. Get to know the UNS method and use our consulting services.

How do you learn with US?

& E-Test

Find out about the courses on offer and take the placement test (mandatory)!

Placement test: Please take the test without any tools (dictionary, etc.) and without outside help! You should definitely take the test seriously and do your “best”. Pay extra attention!
Take the test online or at the institute.

Language Consulting & Registration

Get advice on your courses and the necessary exams and register early. Advice and registration by email ( or directly at the institute.

Participation & Advisory

If you are already in the course, you should find out about supplementary and exam preparation courses. Just talk to your course instructor!
Use the student advisory service at an early stage to prepare well for your studies or training. We recommend that you redeem your voucher for the student advisory service at the B1 level at the latest.

Exams & Applications

German exams: Which exam do you have to take? Find out in good time about the appropriate preparatory course as well as about registration deadlines and examination dates.
Application: Find out about the courses on offer and the application modalities. Talk to us about questions!

The UNS Method

UNS German courses use materials and methods that prepare you for studying, training or employment in Germany.

Intensive Course

The focus of our intensive courses is on preparing for a course of study or an internship. This means that the skills trained and the content are based on the special requirements of study and vocational training and the corresponding examinations (Telc, TestDaF, DSH, preparatory college). The courses mainly use material developed by UNS that is tailored to the needs of our course participants.

Exam Preparation

UNS offers numerous preparatory courses for exams that are a prerequisite for studying in Germany (Telc, TestDaF, DSH, preparatory college entrance exam). These courses only work with self-developed materials, which offer an ideal opportunity for preparation. In addition to practical solution strategies, there is intensive training with authentic examination materials.

Evening Courses

Due to their scope (3×3 lessons/week), these courses are an ideal opportunity for working learners to improve their communication skills in particular. Just be able to cope better with everyday life in Germany? Make the start of your professional life successful? Improve your career opportunities in Germany? If you are pursuing one of these goals, such an evening course can be the right thing for you.

(3×3 / 2×4 pro Weeks)

What Do You Learn?








Study & Language

In addition to German courses that prepare you for your studies and the most important exams, UNS offers you free individual study advice. We try to answer your questions about studying, applications, visas, and language certificates in a personal conversation or by e-mail.

Are you not in Germany yet?

Are you in Hamburg?

Are you already attending one of our courses?


Depending on the room size, we offer courses between 8 and 18 participants.
The language courses take place at Hoheluftchaussee 108. UNS University Service is spread over three floors in two buildings. The office is located in house A on the second floor.
Preferably German and English. Some staff members can also speak other languages (Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech).
Yes, we are open on all working days.
UNS University Service does not cooperate with the Job Center or the Employment Agency, nor with the BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees). We do not conduct integration courses. Our German courses are privately financed and participants usually do not receive any financial support from the authorities.
Depending on the room size, we offer courses between 8 and 18 participants.
One lesson lasts 45 minutes.

In the intensive course, each level lasts 6 weeks, which corresponds to 150 lessons. In the evening course, each level consists of 2 modules (one module = 8 weeks) and lasts 16 weeks, which corresponds to approx. 144 lessons.

In German. And yes, even in the beginner courses. 🙂
We always try to determine your current level as accurately and reliably as possible with the help of our placement test, but if you still think that the course is not right for you, please talk to the teacher first. We will then work together to find the right solution and, if necessary, another course for you.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion from UNS University Service. In it we certify the duration of your course participation, the level you last attended and list the results of your final exam. If you need an official language certificate, you can register for one of the telc exams that we offer at our institute. For more information, please contact our office or send an e-mail to