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AGB (General Terms and Conditions)

Minimum number of participants

University Service (UNS) is committed to offering German courses and exams with a minimum of 7 participants. In case of a lower number of participants, the respective course or exam can be cancelled or, if necessary, carried out in a reduced time after consultation with the course participants. The course participants will be informed of this on the first day of the course at the latest.


Placement test

The prerequisite for the desired course level is the required language skills. The final placement will only be made after the placement test. This test can be taken either at the institute or in the form of an online test at UNS reserves the right to make a final placement only after a personal interview in German.


Lost hours

Lessons missed due to public holidays or the inability or illness of the course instructor will be made up for, if possible, during the course or after the course. There is no right to a refund of the course fee for missed lessons.


Payment of the course fee

With this registration, the course participant agrees to pay the entire course fee for the booked course 14 days before the start of the course in cash or by bank transfer. Payment in installments is possible by agreement. The first installment payment of at least 50 percent of the total course fee is due 14 days prior to the start of the course, the second at a fixed date in the middle of the course. This date will be communicated to the participant at the time of registration. These provisions apply in all cases, i.e. even if the participant cannot or does not wish to attend the entire course.

Cancellation of the course registration or refund of the course fee is possible at the latest 14 days before the course starts.  In case of no-show in a course, neither a refund of the course fee nor a rebooking of the course, i.e. a postponement of the course start, is possible.


Later course entry

If the participant joins a course at a later date, the course fee is to be paid proportionally, according to the current price list. Payment in installments is not possible in this case.


Confirmation of participation

If the course participant requires a certificate of attendance at the time of registration, he/she must pay the fee for the first course in full beforehand. Cancellation or postponement of the course or refund of the course fee is not possible in this case. The only exceptions are cases in which course participants do not have a valid residence permit for the Federal Republic of Germany (rejection of the visa application) or state childcare is not guaranteed (e.g. rejection of the application for a daycare voucher).  In these cases the paid course fee will be refunded minus a processing fee of 100€. Written proof must be submitted for this purpose.


Registration by a third party

Registration for a course as well as payment of the course fee by a third party (trusted person or contact person) is possible by providing the third party’s personal data, if a written confirmation of the course participant (also by e-mail) is submitted. In this case, only the course participant is a contractual partner and liable to pay.

In the case of course participants who are minors, the legal regulations apply.


Registration from abroad

If registration from abroad requires a certificate of attendance for the application of a visa for study purposes or for language course attendance, a deposit of 100€ for an intensive course (with at least 18 lessons per week) must be paid. For some countries, special regulations of the German missions abroad apply, which make the complete payment of the course fee a prerequisite for the visa application. Information about this can be obtained from the responsible embassies and consulates. If the participant does not receive a visa for the language course, the paid deposit will be refunded minus a processing fee of 100€. For this purpose, the rejection letter must be presented. If the participant does not start the course for other reasons, he/she will receive a voucher in the amount of his/her deposit.

For a binding registration for the desired intensive course, the entire course fee or at least 50 percent of the total course fee (1st installment) must be paid in cash or by bank transfer 14 days before the course begins. A place in the desired intensive course can only be guaranteed on the condition of this payment.


House rules

By registering for a course, the participant agrees to abide by the UNS house rules. These house rules are displayed in the institute and are supplemented by a corresponding information sheet, which is handed out to the course participants at the beginning of a new course. 


Value Added Tax

The UNS course fees do not include sales tax.


Status 12/2022