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Studienkolleg Preparation Courses Online

295 €

Successfully pass the Studienkolleg!


  • Intensive training of all exam parts
  • Teaching of solution strategies
  • Live teaching with experienced UNS lecturers (2×4 lessons/week)
  • independent learning on the UNS online platform, supported online by your teacher
  • suitable for the entrance exams at the Studienkollegs: Hannover, Nordhausen, Hamburg, Wismar, Coburg, Berlin, Köthen, Heidelberg, Zittau, Leipzig, Munich, Kassel, among others
Course extent:

Course duration: 5 weeks

Live teaching: 14.45-17.15 (Mon.+Mi.+Thu.), CET

40 hrs. Live-Teaching + 60 Ustd. Online platform

Course fee: 295,00 € (incl. material)


Studienkolleg Preparation Course Online

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Note: Please note your password down and don't forget it. You will have to use the same password in the placement test later.